Buying A Business

From start to finish in any business purchase, we provide the guidance, support and expertise necessary to complete the deal quickly and efficiently.

It begins with careful planning. We will help you to plan the key milestones and make sure you’re ready at every step: aware of your obligations, recognising potential obstacles and communicating with the relevant stakeholders to keep up the momentum. We will carry out due diligence, draft letters of intent and open negotiations with the necessary agreements and documentation in place.

During negotiations we will work on your behalf to strike the best possible deal, while keeping a close eye on the details and drafting. At all times we will make sure you are clear and confident about the transaction details and will flag up any potential threats or opportunities, cutting through the jargon to make sure you know exactly where you stand.

When the time comes to close the deal, we will move for a swift and satisfactory conclusion that leaves you with the best possible deal and an exciting new business.

Buying a business in West Byfleet? Feeling nervous? Let Stuart Q Murphy give you the confidence to seal the deal. 01932355755